Freeware optimizes Vista on PCs

IObit releases software that monitors Vista PCs for bottlenecks, hanging applications and unwanted programs

Even with all the work Microsoft has put into Vista, some contend the latest Windows product might need help when it comes to day-to-day performance. That's why a Chinese start-up updated its freeware application to optimize the newest desktop operating system.

Software utility maker IObit , based in China and founded in 2004 by two programmers, develops programs to optimize the performance of Windows systems. This week the company announced it had enhanced its free Advanced WindowsCare Personal application to support Windows Vista on desktops and laptops. The company also added support for several languages, such as English, Dutch and Danish.

"Although Windows Vista has been designed for optimal usage, it eats too much RAM and CPU," said Hugo Dong, president of IObit, in a company press release. "Many users get performance headaches with their old PCs under Windows Vista."

The software downloads to a user's desktop or laptop and analyzes the system for bottlenecks, hanging applications and unwanted programs, such as adware and spyware, among other things. The software works automatically to fix known problems on Windows machines, such as clogged cache files. For instance, the program will clean cache files; report on nonresponding applications; and inspect the Windows' memory, CPU and service settings at the click of a mouse, the company says.

If the user's PC is running on a network, Advanced WindowsCare Personal will analyze Internet browser settings, check QoS bandwidth and packet queuing, check LAN access and TCP/IP parameters, and inspect DNS caching as potential culprits for poor performance.

The company recommends users run the program at least daily to ensure no changes have occurred to system settings that could degrade PC performance. The program searches for new spyware definitions and new program updates, and will automatically install them, to protect the user's PC, IObit says.

Advanced WindowsCare Personal is free of change and runs under Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It can be downloaded here .