eBay PowerUser's Bible

  • Ryan Shaw (PC World)
  • 30 November, 2004 08:18

Targeted at new and experienced eBay users alike, this book by Greg Holden is the ultimate guide book on everything and anything to do with eBay. Being a novice eBay user, I was interested to see if this book would help me understand the fundamentals of online bidding and how not to get duped by some of the artificial sales that everyone hears about. The fact that there is a diverse range of things available for purchase is why eBay still remains popular to this day.

eBay PowerUser's Bible

The book starts off by explaining some of the basics associated with eBay; from registering as a user, to understanding the different types of auctions available. On the buying side of things, researching, tracking auctions and bidding strategies are also discussed. For those eBay users who wish to sell instead of buy items, making a particular item attractive to the bidding masses is no mean feat. The book covers everything from creating a seller account, weeding out the non-paying bidders and placing snapshots of the product, to accepting online payments. Thinking of becoming a full-time seller and creating a business through eBay? This topic is also represented, with various sections on how to save money by taking advantage of strategic buying and selling.

This title really is the eBay bible; it contains so much information about the service that eBay provides. Though new to the world of eBay, it gave me the confidence before even registering, to buy and sell products with the best of them.

Author: Greg Holden
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0764559427 Price: $46.95 Phone: 1800 777 474 URL: www.wiley.com