Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

PlayStation gamers have known the wonder that is Medal of Honor for years, but the series is just now coming to PCs, and it definitely looks like an invasion worthy of the game's title. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault will cast you as Lt Mike Powell, a soldier on the front lines of the struggle against Nazi Germany. Missions will include everything from squad-based rescue to the Normandy invasion, complete with Higgins boats, bangalores, and soldiers dying left and right from machine-gun fire and artillery.

The preview version of Allied Assault scored points by mixing real-world missions with a certain level of realism that makes you feel like you're in the war and not rocket-jumping about in 1940s France. You'll go up against the enemy in actual World War II locations like France, Germany, and Northern Africa, using real Allied and Axis weaponry. There will even be missions in which you man a mounted machine-gun while a fellow soldier drives your Jeep through enemy territory, or where you drive a tank and try to take out enemy buildings. The early version's realism seemed to rest comfortably between Unreal Tournament and Rainbow Six - real enough to be immersive, but not so real that it interferes with the fun.

Even with the unique missions and locations, Allied Assault will be familiar to PC FPS vets. The preview version was simple to grasp and easy to understand. The difficulty and frame rate still need some tuning, but the game already looks and plays great. Even in this early stage, Allied Assault looks like a contender for PC gaming's highest honours. nPublisher: EA Games"Developer: 2015 Inc.