Toshiba recalls e740 Pocket PCs

Toshiba has issued a recall of its high-end Pocket PC e740 due to a problem with the handheld's backup battery.

The voluntary recall comes after the vendor discovered problems with the battery that guarantees data retention if the main battery runs out of power or is removed from the unit. Toshiba has found a defect in the printed circuit board on some PDAs, which prevents the backup battery from recharging.

Toshiba said it had not received any customer complaints from the problem and the safety of the device has not been compromised.

"We believe that a very small percentage of our end-user customers are affected, but felt customer satisfaction was of the highest importance and decided to announce the voluntary recall," said Ralph Stadus, Toshiba's general manager, information systems division. "In almost all cases, the loss of data will not happen due to customers synchronising with their PC."

Most of the 2,600 units affected in Australia are believed to be tied up in channel inventory. The vendor has identified only three units in New Zealand.

Toshiba is advising resellers and customers to contact representatives on 1800 021 100 to register their details. The company will then contact customers in November to organise repair or replacement.

In the meantime, the company advises users to circumvent any possible problems by not letting the battery fully discharge, not disconnecting the battery and regularly backing up data. Toshiba also advises users to always connect the PDA to an external power supply before recharging.

The recall affects e740 serial numbers from 7201464L through to 92041620L.