Gears of War 2: full strategy guide!

We've broken down every act, chapter-by-chapter, to provide you with tips, detail, and general advice for chainsawing your way though the massive waves of the Locust Horde.
Gears of War 2.

Gears of War 2.

We've broken down every act, chapter-by-chapter, to provide you with tips, detail, and general advice for chainsawing your way though the massive waves of the Locust Horde.

Act I: Tip Of The Spear

Chapter I: Welcome To Delta

The Locust Horde is back and meaner than ever, but your first concern is teaching Delta Squad's new rookie the basics of combat.

There are a few advantages to going through the training mode. For one, if you instruct Carmine on "The Golden Rule" you'll have an opportunity to pick up a newspaper in the street for your first War Journal piece. You'll also get a basic rundown of your different combat maneuvers and weapons, as well as the opportunity to blow some stuff up.

Before heading back to the hospital, check the empty room at the other end of the alley. There's a driver's log in the desk along the left wall that you can add to your War Journal.

Chapter II: Desperation

It looks like Jacinto Medical is going to be getting some more patients if the Locust Horde is making rounds. Once you've been debriefed by Anya, head to the next room and meet up with Tai. In the next area, you'll be ready to have your first meeting with the invading Locust.

[Ambush the invading Locust.]

Ah, the visitors are finally here. On Tai's signal, hit the explosive tanks to wipe out the Locust in the first courtyard. Keep in mind that there are quite a few explosive tanks like these littered around the hospital, so be sure to use them if you find yourself in a tight spot.

[Clear the hospital of the remaining Locust.]

Before leaving the left hallway, pick up doctor's journal in one of the rooms occupied by a rustlung patient.

If you take the high path to the right, a King Raven will kill some incoming Locust rushing you in the narrow corridor. Should you chose to go downstairs, you'll encounter some Locust in the far room behind the barrier. Go into the far room and you'll a large pile of ammo near one of the desks.

Once you've cleared the lobby, search the central desks for a medical journal in the middle of the room.

Follow your team out to the courtyard, and a Reaver, one of the Locust's dangerous flying mounts, will attack your squad. You can shoot at it, but it'll run off before you can do too much damage. Don't worry though: you'll seeing more of those things later on than you'll ever care for.

After heading back inside and taking out the Locust in the next surgery room, head into the buffet area, Look for a room to the left with a bookshelf and a desk that houses a COG letterhead for your War Journal. When a King Raven crashes through the ceiling, immediately head to the stairs on either side of the room to outflank the Locusts on the upper floor.

The power will go out at the next checkpoint, so either take the high ground or use the columns for cover against the next ambush until Jack opens the far door. It looks like the rookie couldn't stay behind after all, as Carmine will greet you at the next checkpoint. Reload all your weapons and get ready to step into the firefight outside.

[Clear the streets of the Locust attack force.]

Immediately to the right of the doorway leading outside, pick up a COG Tag for your War Journal.

A King Raven Gunship will help clear the area of Reavers and Locust Drones, but use the cars and debris for covers as needed. Head into the store on the left to get a drop on the next group of Locust, and watch the doorway in case they decide to rush in. (Or, just rush the barricade in the street if you're feeling lucky.)

The chapter ends after the next wave of Locust go down, and Anya will have some bad news for Dom regarding his missing wife — poor guy.

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Chapter III: Rolling Thunder

Grab a Grindlift Notice from the mast on Rig 314 as soon as you're off the line with Command.

[Escort the Assault Derricks to Landown.]

[Kill all incoming Reavers.]

Your rig will come under attack soon, so head on up to the top of Rig 314 and return fire with the turret gun. Make sure to alternate between firing off rounds and cooling your gun, since overheating it will leave you vulnerable to incoming gunfire. For the best results, make sure to lead your shots.

[Defend Dizzy while he repairs the Assault Derrick.]

Some Locust grubs will pop up from the ground while you're defending your position, but just hold out until backup arrives. Make sure you don't miss a chance to grab some Locust weaponry before you get back on Rig 314, since you can run the risk of not having any ammo for your Lancer.

[Climb back on board the Assault Derrick.]

Chapter IV: The Big Push

Swarms of Locust will start streaming out of fissures in the ground, so mow them down with the rig's turret gun. When the Brumak rears its ugly head, use your turret fire to keep it at bay while your rig makes a getaway. Unfortunately, the Locust will hijack the rig to your right, making your rough ride even rougher.

Using the turret won't always give you the best shooting angle, so feel free to get in their faces if you're okay on ammunition.

[Kill the driver of the hijacked Assault Derrick.]

[Protect the Assault Derrick from Brumaks.]

As if the Brumaks weren't bad enough, a Corsper at the end of the road will pop up and ambush you. Fear not, though, since the spider-like monster will turn tail as soon as you see it. Instead, man the turret and take out one last Brumak to continue down the road.

Chapter V: Roadblocks

[Escort the Assault Derrick to the deployment zone.]

In the building to your left, head upstairs to collect a newspaper clipping for your War Journal.

[Eliminate all Tickers so the Assault Derrick can continue.]

Annoying, small, and explosive, the Tickers are everything you don't want to shoot at while you're in tight quarters. Open fire at the doorway until the first wave is dead, and then shoot the rest of them at a distance. If you want to save ammo, try melee them as they rush you, which will knock them flat on their backs.

[Take cover from the incoming Nemacyst mortars.]

You can shoot the Nemacyst at will, but make sure you don't get caught in the crossfire from the tower at the far end of the road up ahead. After the Nemacyst is dead, inspect the inscription below the COG statue at the memorial in the right corner for another addition to your War Journal. Continue up the slope and you'll encounter some more Locust at a burned-out gas station. Blow up the tanks to make the skirmish easier, and then wait for backup to take out the next turret position.

Make sure to check the mini mart behind the station for another War Journal clipping before you head through the next gate.

[Clear the tunnel.]

Don't stray too far from the Assault Derrick's floodlights; the waves of Tickers will pop up faster than you'll be able to pick them off if you Rambo through the tunnel.

If a Ticker is rushing you, use a melee attack to boot it into the air, then shoot away. At the end of the tunnel, you'll have to deal with a Reaver, and this one's itching for a fight. Take cover behind the closest wrecked vehicle and take out the Drone pilots to make things a little bit easier.

Once you're out of the tunnel, you'll have to handle the mortar before the Assault Derrick can go any further.

[Clear the buildings of all Locust activity.]

Once you clear the Locust from the top floor, head straight into the next building when Dom clears a path for you. Take too long, and you'll be on the receiving end of some incoming mortar fire from more Locust grubs. If you see the flash of mortar fire, roll away from cover and hug the walls on either side.

[Defend the Assault Derrick from the Brumak.]

Grab the nearest mortar launcher and hit the Brumak as soon as it exits the tunnel. Make sure to lead your shots or you'll end up hitting your own position. If you want to make sure you don't waste your ammo, wait until the moment the Brumak passes the tunnel's archway.

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Chapter VI: Digging In

[Kill the Boomers.]

[Destroy the Reavers.]

This is pretty straightforward: KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES.

Head up to the turret to make quick work of the Locust in the graveyard below, but take cover if you're on the receiving end of too many hits. Focus on the enemies with the most explosive weapons, and try to save your big guns for the next wave. Eventually, your turret gun will bite the dust, so regroup with your squad and make use of your long-range guns.

Lancers and Hammerburst rifles are probably the best way to handle the incoming Reavers. Some Locust grubs will also try scaling the side of your rig, but a quick melee or chainsaw to the face will solve that little problem. Once you're clear to drill, a chainsaw-slash-bo-staff-wielding maniac will attack Dizzy and Tai — but you won't be able to help them.

Act II: Denizens

Chapter I: Scattered

[Regroup with Carmine.]

Soon after you get back on the line with Anya, you'll see Alpha 7 bust into the Hollow. Navigate the cavern and head towards the sound of gunfire. You'll be too late to do anything about the other Gears, but Carmine will be fighting for his life. Eliminate the Locust threat and head up to the damaged Grindlift and give the rookie a hand. Once you've regrouped with Carmine, Jack will try to reboot the damaged Grindlift.

If you're having trouble keeping yourself supplied with bullets, make sure to an ammo sweeps before heading up to the Grindlift. Give the incoming Locust a shower of gunfire in the meantime. Watch out for the Tickers, which will try to rush around your cover and blow up in your face.

[Help Omega Squad defeat the Locust attack.]

More Locust will hole up amidst a pile of Grindlifts, so use your cover wisely. Make sure to keep moving, since some of these grubs will be packing a Boomshot or two. More Tickers will be scurrying about, so try to melee them towards the enemy and blow them sky high. After the skirmish, you'll get another call from Anya, this time about some more of those weird earthquakes.

[Find the source of seismic activity.]

Chapter II: Indigenous Creatures

[Shoot the glowing fruit to lure the Rockworm.]

Head past the Rockworm on the left side path, but don't miss a hole in the wall covered by vines. You'll find a Grindlift, some ammo, and an addition for your War Journal next to the dead Gear. At the next Grindlift, you'll come to a fork in the road, so choose a path.

Rockworms will block off whichever path you don't choose, so pick a position and stick with it. Take care of the turret gunner first, and shoot down Locust as they descend the ladder. After that mess is cleaned up, do an ammo sweep and head up the stairs. There's another grub hole coming up, but you'll luckily be able to use the Rockworm for a covering position. In some cases, you'll need to shoot the ceiling fruit to move the Rockworm to a good spot.

[Break through the Locust defenses.]

At the next checkpoint, shoot down the Locust from their defensive post. The conveniently placed Rockworm will move down the path at a slow clip, so use it for cover until you can get a clear shot at the grubs. At the fork ahead, pick a route and get ready to do some sniper practice. You'll see a Locust patrol on the way; so if you're good on ammo, feel free to take a few shots at them. Feel free to laugh as Marcus counts his shots.

Locust will crowd the next checkpoint, so use the vehicles and nearby cover to make short work of them. Grab the turret gun when the Reaver pops up, and make it sorry it lived. Do a quick ammo sweep before the next crowd of Locust bursts though the large steel doors. They'll be packing heavy armor and Boomshots, so man a turret to efficiently mow them down.

Before leaving the area, there's a scroll in the rear of the defense post, so grab it and pocket it for your War Journal.

[Take out the Locust mortar squad.]

Alpha Two will come under fire as soon as their Grindlifts land, so rush the scene and help them out.

[Assist Alpha Squad.]

Sprint to the turret and take care of the Locust advancing on Alpha Two. Some Reavers will fly by, but they won't stick around to cause much trouble. If there are any mortar launchers lying around, use those at your own discretion.

[Search deeper in the cave network for the massive creature.]

Wow. That is one gigantic worm. Now that you've determined the source of the quakes, it's time to get moving again.

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Chapter III: Disturbing Revelations

Once you get past the lake and up to the next checkpoint, the game's first Kantus will send another Locust swarm your way. Use some sniper fire to take out the big boss, since he's easily the most annoying Locust in the bunch. Once you're past the doorway, grab the Locust Emblem on the ground to the right.

There's a fork in the road further into the temple, so choose a path and gear up.

[Shoot the glowing fruit to lure the Rockworm.]

If you take the left path, use the Rockworm to give your teammates some cover, but watch out for the swarm of Wretch grubs that will storm the room. Once Dom and Carmine are in the clear, flip the lever and head down the door to the left. If you took the low road, once you're through the aforementioned area, provide some cover fire for your teammate.

The Locust defenses may be toast, but that freakishly huge earthworm will make another appearance at the end of the chapter, sinking an entire city to your team's dismay.

Chapter IV: That Sinking Feeling

[Investigate the King Raven crash site.]

Just after you witness the collapsed building, you'll have to deal with some Bloodmounts, so have grenades and heavy artillery handy. When that's over, a Reaver will crash into view, so get behind some cover to avoid getting crushed. Shoot off the pilots if possible, but try your best to keep the grub from launching explosives.

After you lose radio contact with Cole, a Corpser will signal a new wave of Locust swarming out of the far tunnel. Find some ammo and fire away, but make sure to fall back when the next Reaver lands. Sniper fire will definitely work best here, but just make sure to work with Dom and Carmine to create some punishing crossfire.

When you get to the crash site, the King Raven's crew is obviously in no condition to be rescued. But, a fresh wave of Locust will be more than happy to ambush your team. There's no good cover out in the open, so head back into the archway and try to take the best shots you can. Eventually, the Cole Train himself will come busting through the scene, saving your hides and doing it with embarrassing style.

[Search for Baird and Sigma Squad.]

Scout the area for a corpse with a COG tag, and pocket it for your War Journal.

At the next checkpoint, a Reaver will attack you in the graveyard, followed by Drones and Tickers. Kill the Kantus first before it can heal the other Locust, or you'll never make it past the bridge. Once you're done here, do an ammo sweep and move on to the next chapter.

Chapter V: Captivity

[Search the area for other captives.]

For a gear, Baird is one whiny guy. Once you rescue him from his holding tank, head deeper into the area, but make sure to hang a right at the large open cavern. There's another collectible lying on the ground in front of a torch for your War Journal.

[Find a way to get the barge moving.]

Continue on and you'll come across a Beast Barge. Board that sucker and kill anything that's ugly. If there's any ammo left in it, snag the dropped Mulcher and head up to the top level. Once you're done handling the Locust up top, do another ammo sweep and hit the switch on the center column.

Make to man the nearby turret or shoulder that Mulcher in case any Reavers try to ruin your fun.

[Board and search the adjacent barge.]

While your Mulcher will disappear, you should still have plenty of ammo for the next attack. After you and Dom handle the Locust on the other barge, hit the switch in the middle and you'll finally find Tai. After the brief cut scene, you'll hit the next checkpoint and complete the current objective. Get off the barge and storm up the bridge. Keep an eye out for the Grinder and his Mauler; try using sniper fire to take him out from the left side of the bridge.

[Find a suitable location to contact Control.]

Head down the slope to the right after a quick ammo sweep. If you happen to have a Mauler handy, set up on one of the cover points and use that baby to chew through the incoming Locust group. Anya will contact you with a new objective when you're through squashing grubs.

[Move to the extraction point.]

Run through the ruins to get closer to your landing zone, but be careful about which branching paths you take. At the first point where the fork in the road meets up, a Reaver will spot you. If you're out of Mauler shots, use the biggest gun you've got.

There are plenty of manageable Locust groups hiding out in different areas, so use the terrain to your advantage. In some cases, if your team goes down one route, you'll be able to double back and catch some grubs in a crossfire. When you get close to the only (mostly) intact building, head up to the roof after doing a thorough ammo sweep.

[Defend the King Raven extraction point.]

Aren't you glad you did that ammo sweep a few minutes ago?

Your position is going to get hit hard by tons of Boomers and Drones, so stay as close to your teammates as possible. Try to hole up and defend yourself in the rear area of the roof, and pick off bold Locust from doorways and cover spots. Eventually, you'll notice a timer showing how long you need to defend yourself until KR One-Nine comes in to save your bacon.

If you survive, you and your team will reach the chopper in time... but not before that monstrous, city-sinking worm decides to crash the party.

Chapter VI: Intestinal Fortitude

[Find the Riftworm heart.]

Oh, okay, so it's apparently called a "Riftworm". Well, either way, you're going to have to venture deep into its body and kill it. Once you have control of Marcus again, look for a magazine to the left of your starting point and add it to your journal collection.

[Avoid the digestive teeth.]

It goes without saying, but this would be a horrible way to die. If possible, abuse the Roadie Run when appropriate and rely on your teammates to show you the proper timing. Eventually, you'll run into Carmine and a swarm of nasty little crawlies, but it looks you're too late to do anything to help the poor rookie.

[Outrun the wall of debris.]

The wall doesn't move too quickly, but you'll still have to book it Indiana Jones-style, so run, run, and run. Pick up the COG tag on the left side on your way out, just before you hit the first turn. If flesh walls and membrane sheets are holding you up, just use your chainsaw to open up the paths. While you're running around, make sure to avoid the protruding spines altogether. Once you're past a few barriers, you'll be home free and the wall of debris will crash safely behind you.

[Avoid jets and pools of acid.]

If it's green, it's definitely mean. Shoot the acid nozzles to stop them from spraying the path with their alien death juices and Roadie Run to safe zones. At the starting point, take a brief detour to the right if your rifle is running low on ammo.

[Pass through the intestines quickly to avoid suffocation.]

If you head in a relatively straight line, you'll eventually make your way to next membrane wall. Rev up your chainsaw and cut through the next membrane barrier to get through to the next checkpoint. Be careful; there are plenty of dead ends in here to get you lost.

[Cut two arteries to destroy the Riftworm heart.]

Use your chainsaw on the arteries, and a path will open up as the Riftworm's blood begins to spill. Watch out for more of those crawlies that tore apart poor Carmine. Once you hear the Riftworm's heartbeat speed up, you'll need to search for the rest of its hearts and continue your elective surgery exercise.

[Cut three arteries to destroy the Riftworm heart.]

When you start hacking away at the first artery, the room will start to fill with blood. If you take too long to cut the rest of the tubes away, you and your team will drown in worm plasma. Cut everything away as quickly as you can, and a path will open up to the last Riftworm heart.

[Cut four arteries to destroy the Riftworm heart.]

You can exterminate the intestinal Locust before hacking away at the last heart, so use up any ammo you've been holding back. Once again, the room will fill up with worm blood as soon as you cut the first artery, so don't get stuck in the blood pool. As soon as the final cord is cut, Marcus and the rest of Delta will make a successful, but very undignified, victory exit.