Nielsen/NetRatings release new multimedia numbers

Market research firm, Nielsen/NetRatings Inc. Thursday released a new report that tracks users of RealNetworks Inc., Windows Media Player and Apple Computer Inc.'s QuickTime format.

According to the report, RealNetworks has the lead in U.S. home users at 16.23 percent, followed by Windows Media Player at 14.41 percent and QuickTime at 7.49 percent.

RealNetworks and Windows Media switched in the U.S. work market share with QuickTime once again finishing in third place. Windows Media recorded 28.32 percent, while RealNetworks came in at 26.99 percent and QuickTime had 13.19 percent.

As MacCentral reported earlier this week, Nielsen/NetRatings changed the way it conducts its online multimedia, after Apple took issue with the company's methods. NetRatings confirmed the new tracking methods in a statement today.

"As the Web evolves, we are constantly refining our tracking technology to provide deeper, more insightful media measurement," said Manish Bhatia, senior vice president of product marketing, NetRatings. "This new report offers enhanced breakdowns of multimedia activity, responding to requests from the industry for more granular information on which to base business decisions."