Nikon Coolpix 5700

Nikon's new Coolpix 5700 has much in common with the earlier Coolpix 5000. Both share the same 5 megapixel CCD, with sufficient detail to make great-looking 13x10in colour inkjet prints. Each has a flip-out and twist LCD screen, although the 5700's is a smaller version. Both support the IBM Microdrive and come with a 32MB card, which can store up to 20 best quality Jpegs.

The big difference between the cameras is the lens. Where the 5000 sported a 3x optical zoom, the 5700's is a giant 8x which is equivalent in coverage to 35-280mm on a 35mm camera. A large lens doesn't make for an unwieldy camera, though -- the 5700 is a compact 108x76x102mm and weighs just 512g including battery. As with other long zoomers, the optical viewfinder has been replaced by a camcorder-style, electronic viewfinder. Other additions to the Coolpix 5700 include support for uncompressed RAW files and the latest EXIF Print standard. Image quality is undeniably superb, although we'd have preferred the best-quality Jpeg mode to employ slightly less compression.

Nikon Coolpix 5700

5 stars.

Nikon has essentially improved its already superb Coolpix 5000 model by swapping the 3x lens for an 8x optical zoom. The result is the 5700, which is quite possibly the best professional digital camera we've tested.

Price: $2599.

Phone: (02) 9390 0200.