Storm Music Studio 2.0 released

French software publisher Arturia SA Friday announced the release of Storm Music Studio 2.0, following its public introduction at Apple Expo in Paris in September.

Storm Music Studio 2.0 is a tool for professional musicians to create their own electronic music. This major new release gains compatibility with Mac OS X, and also supports the ReWire protocol, enabling Storm to work with Live, Reason and Sonar. A Composition Wizard has been added, along with The Hall, a collection of interactive services enabling Storm users to connect and chat with each other, and exchange files.

The software features a studio in which you can assemble the virtual instruments you want to use -- drums machines, synthesizers, scratch decks and more. You can also compose in real time, using synthesis and effects, share your work with other users. You can also learn new styles of music with the Composition Wizard. It also features fully configurable MIDI control with ASIO support and the ability to work as a VST instrument in Cubase or Logic, so you can integrate it as part of an electronic studio if you wish.

Storm Music Studio 2.0 costs US$149. Localized versions are available in English, German, Japanese, and French.