The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Lab Manual, Eleventh Edition

With the intention of complementing The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide by Mark Minasi, the authors of the Lab Manual have produced a kind of textbook of lab "assignments" to help readers of both books gain hands-on experience.

Each lab assignment includes an objective, what you need, and a reference to material in Minasi's book. An introduction follows and then a step-by-step exercise, and there is room for you to test your knowledge by answering questions on each lab. Some of the labs use black and white photos to illustrate the project.

After the 40 labs, there's an appendix with "six essential upgrades". This section leads you gradually through such upgrades as removing and installing SDRAM modules, installing a video card, installing a sound card and installing a DVD drive. There are no photos in this section, but many black and white illustrations are used to show what's going on at each step.

Although it would be possible to use the book on its own, rather than alongside Minasi's Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide, many of the introductions are brief and readers may be better served by the more detailed background provided in the guide.

While the book is primarily targeted at those attending classes in computer maintenance and repair, the labs would be suitable for anyone seeking to improve their PC maintenance skills.