Windows Me for Busy People

This slick book is designed to help beginners get the most out of Windows Me - quickly. Lots of colour diagrams and screenshots, and cross-referencing help to make this aim a reality.

Besides a detailed table of contents, there's a Fast Forward section at the beginning of each chapter. Just about every page has tips, notes, screenshots and images of icons, which help readers navigate to just the data they're looking for.

Another useful feature is the notes set alongside each section that refer readers to chapters explaining new terms in the text. These small details help the book to live up to its promise of being "the book to use when there's no time to lose", but, more importantly, they help Windows beginners make the most of their PCs when they may not be familiar with all the OS terms and jargon.

Chapters are structured around things you will want to do, rather than features in the OS. The book kicks off with 'The Bare Essentials' (and they mean the very basics) and moves on the chapters covering 'stuff to do once to make your life easier', 'working faster in Windows Me', and 'maintaining your system and making it run better'. There are also sections on media, installing and reinstalling Windows Me, mail and Web surfing, and managing files and folders.

The authors of Windows Me for Busy People have done a good job of creating a book that fits a title that may at first appear to be marketing-speak. For around $25 it's a good-value introduction for new Windows Me users.