Chapter 14: How do I get Windows 8?

Almost every new Windows-based computer on the Australian market from late October and onwards will ship with a pre-installed version of Windows 8. However, if you have already purchased a new computer this year (after 22 June 2012), then you are eligible for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, which costs $14.99 and can be downloaded from Microsoft's Web site once you enter your personal details.

You will require a fast Internet connection with lots of data allowance to get this download, which weighs in at around 4GB. If you have a poor Internet connection, then you can order a DVD for an additional freight cost. The update only works on computers with pre-installed versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, Pro and Ultimate, but not Windows Starter, which in many cases means you can not install this particular Windows 8 upgrade on a netbook computer. You will need your Windows 7 product key to validate the upgrade offer.

The $14.99 upgrade offer will also be available for any computers with Windows 7 that are bought up until 31 January 2013. You will be required to install Windows 8 over the top of your existing Windows 7 installation.

Alternatively, you can buy a retail version of Windows 8 if you wish to install the new operating system on a computer that was bought prior to 22 June 2012, or if you plan to install the new operating system on a computer that you have built yourself.

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