Trouble-free backups: Drive Image 7.0

  • Ryan Shaw (PC World)
  • 04 November, 2003 07:13

Most PC systems are vulnerable to problems such as data loss via viruses, corrupt software or hard disk failure. Unless PC users have a regime of regular backups, problems could arise.

Powerquest’s backup solution, Drive Image 7.0, incorporates some new features and enhancements not found in its 2002 predecessor. Unlike other available programs that use file-by-file copying, Drive Image lets users create a perfect image of a hard disk or partition, so that Windows-based optimisations and settings can be saved ( see here for a screenshot). Additionally, the application scans the drive and records only those sectors that have data allocated to them.

Previously, if you wanted to retrieve only a few files you had to restore the whole image, but in this version you can restore individual files. Image files can now be composed as virtual disks, giving easy access to files and folders via the drag-and-drop method. The latest version expands the backup options, allowing hard disk images to be exported to external storage devices such as USB and FireWire drives. Some CD and DVD writers that support variable packet writing can also be used to export images; check the Powerquest Web site for a full listing of all supported drives.

Drive Image 7 runs on Windows XP Home and Professional, as well as Windows 2000 Professional Desktop Version. Drive Image 2002 is also bundled in the box for users of Windows 95, 98, Me and NT 4.0.

In brief: Powerquest Drive Image 7.0
A powerful imaging tool that allows users to make concise and regular backups, trouble-free.
Price: $108
Phone: (02) 9521 6466