Britannica 2003 on DVD

Encyclopædia Britannica now comes on a single DVD.

You can search directly from the opening screen, as well as browse the encyclopedia alphabetically from this first ‘page’.

Another new feature is the introduction of three tailored libraries: the Encyclopædia Britannica Library for everyone, the Student Library for high school and older primary school kids, and the Elementary Library for younger users (years 2-6). School kids will also welcome the Research Organiser, which lets you enter notes and save bookmarks and images as you go (great homework help!).

Using the search window, you can select which library you’d like to search using tabs. Search results are shown listed with the number of results in various categories (encyclopedia, multimedia, images, dic­tionary, etc.). Unfortunately, there still seems to be a lack of multimedia files.

You can also access content using timelines and the atlas. The timelines are an interesting way to navigate, but when you switch between categories (music and medicine, for example), you’re taken back to the beginning of the timeline rather than the year you were looking at. n

In brief: Encyclopædia Britannica 2003 Ultimate Reference Suite
Just one DVD and better searching tools are welcome additions to this multimedia encyclopedia — now we just need some more sound and video files to truly take advantage of the format.
Price: $169
Phone: 1800 000 060