SignPoster 4.0 software

  • Guy Dixon (PC World)
  • 22 January, 2003 07:52

The increasing use of search engines has given rise to SEO (search engine optimisation) as a key part of Web site promotion strategy. In short, if you can’t flag your Internet wares to the leading search engines, your site will wither and die.

To ensure relevant and growing traffic, you need to conjure special tags in your HTML that hold descriptions and keywords (known as metatags). Web consultants charge megabucks to visit each of the major search engines and submit your URL(s) one at a time. You can also do it yourself, but be prepared to face a confusing array of procedures. That’s where SignPoster comes in.

It’s most powerful feature is the ability automatically to generate so-called ‘doorway pages’ — specially designed pages that ensure a Web site achieves a high ranking with a search engine. Doorway pages highlight relevant information about a key page on your site, which is then indexed by the search engine.

At the core of SignPoster is the Project Explorer, which allows you to create and manage groups of Web pages. If you’ve already got metatags built into your Web page, SignPoster can extract them for you to include alongside your new keywords.

SignPoster conveniently warns you if you are breaking a particular search engine’s rules by submitting a site too often.

Those looking for the kind of additional tweaks offered by Web consultants can buy the Professional edition, which allows you to change the way the doorway pages format their content.

In brief: SignPoster 4.0
If you don’t have the knowledge, time or budget to make the detailed manual submissions required for effective SEO, SignPoster is good value for money.
Price: Standard $US55; Professional $US80