NEC LT260 digital projector

Although LCD technology has been the traditional mainstay of the projector market, models are increasingly starting to grasp the potential of Texas Instruments’ DLP (digital light processing) technology.

Employing an intricate network of tiny mirrors that tilt at different angles to control the amount of light hitting a spinning colour wheel, DLP has the potential to produce a sharper and cleaner image. Indeed, contrast ratios (in which a higher figure indicates a greater range and depth of colour) on DLP projectors tend to be two to three times greater than on LCD models.

The LT260 has a maximum resolution of 1024x768. It doesn’t include a DVI connector, but does feature built-in 802.11b wireless networking support. The necessary card fits into a PC Card slot, which can double up to hold stored presentations when you are on the move. This keeps the NEC’s weight down to a highly portable 2.9kg.

The LT260 sets a benchmark for supreme image quality. Thanks to the DLP technology and its fantastic 1300:1 contrast ratio, the picture is sharp and focused. The high brightness rating of 2100 ANSI lumens ensures that images are clean and vivid even in less-than-perfect conditions.

In confined spaces, the LT260’s image isn’t perhaps the largest, but over a longer distance the NEC excels — a 12.5m (diagonal measurement) picture is possible with the projector placed 24.64m from the wall.

The projector is quiet and its discreet operating noise of 32dB can be dropped to a virtually inaudible 29dB in Economy mode. In this power-saving mode, the decreased brightness of 1650 ANSI lumens is almost undetectable. The NEC with its DLP technology wins hands down over most LCD projectors, proving the worth of this innovation.

In brief:NEC LT260
A quiet, portable (2.9kg) and powerful (2100 ANSI lumens brightness) DLP projector capable of a maximum pic
Price: $7460
Phone: 13 1632