16 Awesome Things We Saw At This Year's PAX Australia

Like every PAX Australia preceeding it, PAX AUS 2017 was positively overflowing with geeky, exciting and interesting things to see, explore and experience. As the three-day convention that caps off Melbourne’s International Games Week, it brings together players, developers, brands and fans under one big happy tent.

If you didn’t make it over to this year’s PAX Australia, here’s what you missed:

The Republic Auditions

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

ASUS’ Republic of Gamers sub-brand had a big presence at this year’s PAX Australia. As well as showing off the company's latest gaming notebooks and gaming accessories, they also held auditions for its CS:GO ANZ amatuer squad with the winning players set to participate in an exclusive bootcamp with local eSports streamers and travel to Sweden’s Dreamhack event.

Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

Nvidia took this year's PAX Australia by storm, giving customers the chance to go hands-on and get a first look at their newly announced Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. Nvidia promised that those who pre-ordered on site would get theirs in the first shipment to go out.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Destiny 2 Pop Up Ramen Bar

As well as being playable through the Nvidia, Razer and Alienware booths, Destiny 2 had a presence at PAX Australia 2017 through two more unconventional installations. The first of these is the Destiny 2 Pop Up Ramen Bar.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Opened in partnership with Themed around modern Izakaya and Sake Bar Akachochin, the pop up bar paid tribute to the spicy ramen that is favored dish of Cayde-6, one of the game’s most beloved characters.

The Huawei Mate 10

It wasn’t all gaming at this year’s PAX Australia. The wider tech world also got involved through a number of brands like Huawei, who gave attendees the chance to get hands-on with their newly announced Mate 10 Series.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Lenovo’s Legion gaming laptops

This year’s PAX Australia saw Lenovo bring its its Legion gaming sub-brand to gamers for the first time - and they made themselves known. As well as hosting community matches of League of Legends co-hosted by comedian Michael Hing, the company also showed off the Y520, Y720 and Y910 notebooks at the event.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

HyperX Debut The Alloy FPS Pro

Gaming gear brand HyperX gave just give PAX Australia attendees the chance to face-off against eSports professionals from teams like Dire Wolves, Scylla Esports and Abyss Esports and content creators like Loserfruit, GeekAndGamerGirl, JohnOnTheRadio, Artemis, SkitzMachine, RaeJayy, and VR YouTuber Cheru.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

They also debuted their new Alloy FPS Pro ultra-compact gaming keyboard, which drops the number pad to give players a more compact version of the steel-framed design found in the brand's other offerings.

Injustice 2 Tournament

MOBAs and PUBG weren’t the only games to hold tournaments during this year’s PAX Australia.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Fighting games also got their due, with the ESL and CouchWarriors giving Injustice 2 players getting the chance to fight for their share of a $20,000 prize pool.

Hi-Rez Oceania Championships

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Developer Hi-Rez took over the ESL Arena Stage at this year’s PAX Australia in order to hold its annual Hi-Rez Oceania Championships, which saw the region's top SMITE and Paladins teams duking it out for a prize pool of $50,000 and a spot at the upcoming World Championships.

Destiny 2 Puppy Parade

As previously mentioned, the best-selling game of 2017 didn’t just making itself known through a single booth this year but also several unusual events. One of these was the Pop Up Ramen Bar, the other was a puppy parade.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Organized in coordination with (and to raise awareness of) the Australian Working Dog Rescue Int, attendees were able to meet and greet the puppies and - should they toss in a gold coin donation - walk away with a box of limited edition Destiny 2 dog biscuits.

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Intel’s 8th Gen Processors

Intel didn’t just offer attendees the chance to experience the new Survios VR experience, it gave them a first-hand look at the company’s newest eighth-generation processors. Intel also let attendees test-drive an Intel Core i9 processor through a unique VR experience that saw them hop behind the wheel of a fully race-worthy car.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Rocket League and PUBG

As well as showing off their hardware and giving away prizes via the tried-and-tested method of gaming-themed trivia, Nvidia and MSI also hosted a number of stage events that saw attendees get to play games like PUBG and Rocket League alongside professional streamers and influencers.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Nvidia’s MAX-Q Gaming Notebooks

Nvidia didn’t just bring their latest GeForce GTX 10 series desktop GPUs and G-Sync HDR monitors to PAX Australia 2017, they also us the chance to get in some hands-on time with the brands’ new Max-Q laptops to see if they live up to the hype as the thinnest, fastest, and coolest portable gaming devices around

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Razer’s new streaming gear

Hot off the heels of their official announcement at this week’s TwitchCon 2017, gaming tech brand Razer brought their brand new Razer streamer-ready Kiyo webcam and Seirēn X microphone for fans to go hands on with.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Dumb Ways To Die (In VR)

Just when you had gotten its catchy jingle out of your head, Metro Trains resurrected their viral awareness campaign “Dumb Ways To Die” - this time in VR.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

PAX Australia attendees were able to immerse themselves in the “a-gore-able” world of DumbVR and - if they wanted to know more - attend a panel hosted by the game’s developers to learn more about the origins of the project.

Intel’s 8th Gen Processors, Overclocked

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

HWBOT, Intel, Seasonic and Aorus combined their powers to host an exclusive event on the Saturday evening called ‘Performance Matters’. The event gave attendees the chance to see a live overclocking show from renowned taiwanese Overclocker HiCookie.

Star Wars AR Experience

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Along with their Legion gaming brand, this year’s PAX Australia also saw Lenovo show off their Star Wars Jedi Challenges augmented reality experience. It was the last chance for players to give the experience a try ahead of its November launch, when it will presumably sell out faster than premiere night tickets for The Last Jedi.