Garmin's new Varia RTL510 Rearview Radar promies to help cyclists stand out on any ride

Garmin have announced the Varia RTL510 rearview radar - an updated radar unit with a sleek new design and enhanced safety features.

Building upon the first-generation cycling radar from Garmin, the RTL510 rearview radar features improved visibility, detection of vehicles, battery life and more to help keep cyclists safe no matter where, or when, they ride.

“The Varia RTL510 rearview radar is just one of many products in the Garmin ecosystem that’s aimed at increasing cycling awareness,” said Adam Howarth, General Manager Garmin Australasia.

“There’s a lot that riders have to worry about when on the road, and one of the most important things is their safety. Whether riding during the day or at night, this radar is like having eyes in the back of their helmet, helping to ease some of that anxiety by acting like an early warning system.”

When paired with a dedicated radar display unit or compatible Garmin device, including the new Edge 130 and Edge 520 Plus, cyclists will receive both visible and audible alerts warning them of vehicles approaching from behind, up to 140 metres away. During a daytime ride, the tail light can be seen up to a metre away and is visible within a 220-degree range, making it easier for drivers to see a cyclist before the radar sees the vehicle.

Garmin claim that the new, vertical design of the Varia RTL510 rearview radar gives cyclists better leg clearance and easily mounts to most road-use bikes, including racing, touring and commuter styles.

The Varia RTL510 rearview radar features up to 15 hours of battery life in day flash mode, and 6 hours in night flash or solid mode. It is available for $299.99.

 A bundle option, which includes the RTL510 rearview radar and display unit, is available for $449.