B&O Play refereshes Earset earbuds

B&O Play has announced a refresh of their Earset earbuds. The new Earset come with wireless audio technology, Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound and a new fresh look, while preserving the flexible design aspects of the original.

“We are extremely proud of our design heritage, and the original Earset has been a long-lasting favourite due to their flexible, yet precise industrial design and acoustic brilliance,” said Jakob Kristoffersen, B&O Play Concept and Design Manager.

“We are excited to bring forward the new Earset that has been updated with wireless technology and a classic updated hue and satin.”

The original lines for the design were drawn by Anders Hermansen in the ’90s with a strong focus on making a set of earphones flexible enough to adapt to any ear. The adjustment system on the earphones lets you modify the angle of the earbud, the height of the piston, and the curve of the earhook individually to ensure a good fit.

“The challenges we faced with the acoustics back then are the same challenges we face today – ergonomics,” said Knud-Erik Lauridsen, Bang & Olufsen Executive Sound Engineer.

“We wanted to adapt the earphone closer to the shape of the ear, so the tip would sit in the concha of the ear with the housing supported by an earhook. As the earbud does not feel ‘enclosed’ in the ear, the sound is perceived as clearer, while allowing elements of the surrounding environment to intervene. One of the main reasons why it has been preferred by musicians and biking athletes.”

Earset has up to five hours battery line and the in-line remote with three buttons and a built in microphone lets users control music, take calls and activate Siri or Google Assistant via Bluetooth.

Earset is available in Graphite Brown and White for $449.