Spacetalk smartphone-smartwatch hybrid comes to JB Hi-Fi

MGM Wireless has signed a trial agreement with JB Hi-Fi to offer their Spacetalk wearable through its online store.

“Spacetalk is the first Aussie designed and developed children’s watch that will be sold by Australia’s leading mobile bricks and mortar retailers,” said Mr Fortunatow, MGM Wireless Founder and Chief Executive.

According to the company, Spacetalk is an all-in-one smartwatch, mobile phone and GPS wearable device for children that enables parents to keep track of their movements. The device is attracting global interest after generating strong sales in Australia since its launch in October 2017, according to MGM Wireless.

“The shop front broadens MGM’s reach as it will soon offer people another option to buy Spacetalk and we look forward to a long association with retailers and their customers alike.”

A child wearing Spacetalk can be tracked by parents via their smartphone. Children can make and receive calls from a set of contacts parents choose in the smartphone app, If a child needs emergency help, a special SOS alert function can be customised to call parents and other guardians.

Spacetalk also blocks access to social media apps. No one can contact a child’s Spacetalk without prior approval from parents.

“The watch offers peace of mind knowing that my husband and I can track the location of our children at any time and call and message them,” said Kim Carrocci, who bought a Spacetalk watch for each of her three children.

“What we love most about Spacetalk is that it has the same main call functions as a mobile phone without the unnecessary and distracting applications.”

The enhanced school mode feature enables parents to specifically select which watch functions to disable during school hours, such as incoming and outgoing calls, messaging, step counter, location and stop watch.

Based on existing sales, feedback and research, Mark Fortunatow says the market for Spacetalk is likely to be larger than previously expected and in the vicinity of between 120,000 and 180,000 units per annum in Australia alone, or $30 million to $60 million a year.

Spacetalk is currently sold online via the website for $349 and includes a 12 month warranty.