Magic: The Gathering Arena enters open beta on September 28

 After six months in closed beta, Magic The Gathering Arena will be entering open beta from September 28.

A free-to-play digital version of the world's most popular trading card game, Wizards of the Coast say that "For over 25 years, Magic: The Gathering has been the leading strategy card game in the world. In that time, the game has evolved in many ways, but at its core has always been about combining strategy gaming with unique fantasy settings and a compelling story."

"Arena brings this rich history to life with all the strategy you’ve come to expect of the legendary card game in a beautiful, epic, and fun digital environment!"

To celebrate the announcement, a new trailer for the game featuring Danny Trejo and Sean 'Day9' Plott has been thrown into the mix:

Previously, the Magic: The Gathering Arena beta was only available by invitation. From September 28th, any interested players will be able to sign up, download the game and start playing.

What's more, Wizards of the Coast are touting several unique hooks that promise to blur the lines between Arena and its physical counterpart.

Every real-world Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker deck will contain a unique code to unlock the same deck on Arena. In addition, every prerelease pack for Guilds of Ravnica will  also contain a unique code to unlock entry to 1 sealed event on Arena.

Magic: The Gathering Arena enters open beta on September 28th for PC.