Ecovacs Launches cordless window cleaning robot

Ecovacs has announced the retail availability of its cordless window cleaning robot. 

The Winbot X includes a Deep Clean Mode, a Four-Stage Cleaning System and a Safety Tether System.

“Regularly keeping windows clean is a never-ending battle for consumers and ECOVACS realized there was a need in the market for a cordless window cleaning robot that could reach areas previously inaccessible, without its movement being restricted,” said Jonathan Tang, Vice President of Global Channels at Ecovacs Robotics.

“The WINBOT X does exactly this. It is designed for people who want to enjoy a better view from their windows without the hassle of cleaning the windows themselves. By combining advanced cleaning abilities and a Safety Tether System, our customers are now able to consistently enjoy cleaner windows than ever before.”

The robot automatically scans and analyses the cleaning area on a window, then tackles dirt and stains with its Deep Clean Mode. The Four-Stage Cleaning Process combines mopping and a squeegee to clean in all directions.

The Safety Tether System involved a Tether-Pad that monitors the robots connection to the glass. A suction cup allows the Winbot X to stay on the glass for an extra 30 minutes after the battery runs out.

The Winbot X is available now for $449.99 online at B8ta, Wellbots, Sharper Image, Best Buy and Kohls.

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