The Away Team to get Lost Exodus update on October 22nd

Underflow Studios has lined up The Away Team's upcoming free update, Lost Exodus, to launch via Steam and on October 22nd.

"The game has always been about teamwork, exploration and overcoming misunderstanding," said Studio Director, Michael Brune.

"With this patch we are finally able to deliver on some of the key design pillars the game set out back in 2011, and add in some new surprises. I look forward to getting it into players hands and seeing their reactions."

Lost Exodus both polishes and builds upon The Away Team's choice-driven, real-time space exploration gameplay through new additional content, crew experience system and Steam Workshop support.

The Lost Exodus update will include:

  • Expanded story content that raises the game's mission content to over 120,000 words
  • Enhanced sector exploration with new random event missions and asteroid fields
  • A new crew role experience system
  • A new unlockable character with their own story arc to explore
  • Over 50 “memento” items for crewmembers to collect
  • A new character editor with Steam Workshop integration
  • Improved sprite rendering
  • Clearer text and an optional dyslexic-friendly font

"With Lost Exodus we've really been working toward three main goals," said programmer- writer-artist Josh "Cheeseness" Bush.

Credit: The Away Team

"To make space exploration more interesting, give more weight to player decisions, and have the Argo - the ship or 'body' of the AI that you play as - feel a lot more present."

The Away Team: Lost Exodus will be available on Linux, Mac and Windows as a free update for all existing and future The Away Team owners on October 22nd via Steam or