MSI GE75 Brings World First GeForce® GTX 1070 in 17” Thin Bezel Laptop

​There are countless trends competing for attention in the gaming notebook and laptop space but not all of them are either useful or benefit the core gaming experience.

There are countless trends competing for attention in the gaming notebook and laptop space but not all of them are either useful or benefit the core gaming experience. A modern gaming laptop can be expensive so the last thing gamers want in a PC is gimmicks. What they do want is real-world value and extra-utility.

Thinner Bezels On A Bigger Screen

The MSI GE75 is the world’s first 17-inch laptop with ultra-thin bezels. First seen in flagship smartphones, thin bezel displays have now made their way to gaming PCs. Ultra-thin bezels make it possible to offer a larger screen in a body that’s 11 per cent smaller than that of the previous generation.

The GE75 boasts bezels of just 5.7mm, achieving an 82 per cent screen-to-body ratio as a result.

In addition to being more compact, the new GE75 features a red diamond-cut design that has more in common with the gaming laptops of the past than today’s lighting-laced PCs. Put the design factors together and they define the core of the MSI GE75 experience: a simple, clean machine designed to deliver solid gaming action with no gimmicks involved.

8th Gen Intel Core Processors

The MSI GE75 is also has the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors. Compared to the previous generation, these processors offer performance improvements of up to 40 per cent.

They are accompanied by Nvidia Geforce GTX 10-series discrete graphics and up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM. The GE75 also offers gamers plenty of storage space for game installs through a variety of SSD and hybrid hard drive storage configurations.

144Hz Display

In the past, most gaming laptops have operated at 60Hz or 70Hz. The GE75 boasts a 144Hz IPS display with 3 millisecond response-time. This allows for a more seamless gaming experience and faster in-game reactions.

Giant Speaker

Of course, the MSI GE75 doesn’t just look better. It also sounds better – at a time when audio has never been more important in gaming.

In single player games, it’s an anchor for immersion. Meanwhile, multiplayer titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite increasingly rely on sound to give players a tactical advantage. If you can hear and know where your enemies are, your ability to outsmart and outplay them is much greater.

As with previous MSI gaming notebooks, the GE75 comes integrated with a Dynaudio speaker setup featuring two 3-watt speakers, two 3-watt woofers and five times the chamber space found in its predecessor. All up, that represents a 40 per cent gain in raw volume over its predecessor.

MSI App Player

Gamers can also play more than ever thanks to the MSI App Player which has been developed to ensure the best mobile gaming experience possible on a PC.

You can even run multiple apps at the same time and rely on a more-stable wired Internet connection, improving online experiences, and play using mouse and keyboard controls – a significant advantage in competitive online games.

Game On

Sometimes the simplest solution is the right one. When it comes to gaming notebooks, you want something that puts as few barriers between you and your content experience as possible. And, as the first 17-inch gaming laptop with ultra-thin bezels, the MSI GE75 does exactly that.


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