Dell launches its Rugged range

Dell has launched its next generation of Dell Rugged notebooks.

The new generation of notebooks features hot-swappable dual-batteries that have a combined charge of more than 14 hours.

The Rugged range is designed to work in the most extreme conditions while enjoying brighter, sharper FHD displays with better colour, according to Dell. The new notebooks features “Windows Hello” facial recognition, Intel quad-core processors, AMD graphics chips, storage options and an active cooling solution.

“For workers in extreme environments, having a reliable device that can withstand Australia and New Zealand’s harsh conditions is essential,” said Robert Vinokurov, General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell. “From mining, fishing and agriculture, to emergency workers facing unpredictable environments where anything can happen, they need to be able to depend on a notebook that will survive and thrive, allowing productivity wherever they are.” 

“Our new Rugged notebooks can withstand the most extreme environments, including temperatures ranging from -29 to 63 degrees Celsius, harsh wet conditions, sand, dust and hard impacts - these systems are highly durable. Built to handle the most extreme workloads from anywhere in the world, the Rugged notebooks can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any industry or business. Owning a Rugged also means round-the-clock support from Dell so help is available when it’s needed most,” said Vinokurov.  

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