Uniden adds Artificial Intelligence functionality to Wired surveillance range

Uniden has announced that their new Guardian GXVR wired home security range features AI functionality, cloud back up and remote access with notifications communicated directly to a smart device. 

The Uniden Guardian GXVR Series includes advanced detection technology to improve user motion notifications, while featuring intelligence to detect if a certain area of the property has been compromised.

The GXVR Series can accurately detect human faces, capture facial images and trigger recordings while sending a notification to the user if an unrecognised face enters the property.

IR Night Vision allows the camera to detect intruders entering the property at night. 

The Uniden 20 GDVR Series and 55 GXVR Series both include Thermo Sense Technology, a smart heat sensor that detects motion from heat sources to avoid common false alarm triggers such as curtains or branches moving with the breeze.

Uniden has introduced cloud storage across its GXVR 55 Series, creating storage space for footage and facilitating remote viewing. The wired Guardian range also includes a surveillance-grade hard drive for footage to be stored and viewed. 

The Uniden Guardian 10 GDVR Series is available for $399.95, the Uniden Guardian 20 GDVR 20440 Series is available for $499.95 and the Uniden Guardian GXVR 55440 is available for $999.95.

For more information, visit www.uniden.com.au.