Optus acknowledge and act to remedy Mate 20 Pro 'green tint' issue

Complaints from Optus customers have revealed a fault affecting some early adopters of Huawei's new Mate 20 Pro.

As originally (and comprehensively) reported on by Ausdroid, several Optus customers recently took to the the telco's support forums to complain about an unexpected technical fault that caused the curved display on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to tint green along the edges. 

The image, seen below, is just one of many doing the rounds online - both locally and abroad.

Obviously, this is just one sample we've pulled that was posted in the Optus comment thread. We haven't seen the fault for ourselves and we don't necessarily know whether if this image (and all the others like it) have or haven't been manipulated in one way or another. However, the fact that there are so many floating around does suggest some sort of commonality to the problem.

The whole saga echoes the display woes that emerged around Google's Pixel 2 XL rougly this time last year.

Thankfully, according to one complainant, Optus has now moved to acknowledge the issue.

They claim they were told by a representative of the telco that "after analysis of a sample of Huawei Mate 20 Pro returns conducted by Huawei and Optus we have confirmed that all units tested exhibited the green tint to varying degrees."

"Testing has shown that the failure manifests when the display brightness is set to zero and viewed in a low ambient light environment and only when viewing a dark screen."

As for Huawei themselves, the company has yet to issue an official statement. 

The one silver lining here is that it does seem to be a relatively-isolated issue. Though the forum threads about the Mate 20 Pro's green tint issue are long, we've encountered no such issue with our own review unit - nor have any other Mate 20 Pro users we've spoken to. 

Speaking to PC World, Optus say they are "aware some customers have experienced issues with the screen on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Customers with concerns should head into their local Optus store for a replacement or refund.”

If you're one of those affected by the issue and would like to get in touch and share your story with us, please reach out to me via fergus_halliday@idg.com.au