ALDI to offer 40GBs for $80 with new SpecialBuy mobile plan

ALDImobile are gearing up to offer the a new ALDImobile Family Pack with 40GB of data for $80.

The $80 per month plan will be available to purchase in ALDI stores on Wednesday 30th January and promises the following:

  • 40GB of data to share among four users
  • Data rollover
  • 30 days credit expiry
  • 40GB bonus data on the first recharge
  • Unlimited standard calls, SMS and MMS
  • Unlimited international calls and SMS to 15 destinations

ALDI say that "the Family Pack owner can divvy up the data any way you like, setting individual usage limits for user services. That means more for you and less for the kids. Or the other way around if you’re feeling generous. And if someone runs low during the month, the plan’s owner can simply top them up with more data. What’s more, any unused data rolls over continuously as long as you recharge 24 hours before expiry."

ALDIMobile's Family Pack will be available in ALDI stores on the 30th of January.