Australian Sonos One and Beam owners can finally use the Google Assistant on them

Sonos One Google Assistant Integration

Sonos One Google Assistant Integration

Sonos' initial pair of multi-assistant smart speakers have finally gotten the Google Assistant integration promised by the wireless audio brand at launch.

From tonight, Sonos say they'll be rolling out a software update for both the Sonos One and Sonos Beam soundbar that'll allow users to set up and use the Google Assistant on either product. Though billed as the first smart speakers to support multiple assistants at once, both products have only supported Amazon Alexa up until now.

Importantly, this multi-assistant integration won't be concurrent. You'll have to select and setup your Assistant of choice ahead of time and you can only have one assistant active on a single Sonos group at time. You can have one room in your house hooked up to Alexa and another tied to the Google Assistant. However, you can't have both running on the same speaker at the same time.

Of course, given that Sonos' own app supports over fifty different streaming services and the Google Assistant only supports a handful, you might be wondering what happens to those that fall between the cracks.

According to Sonos, you'll still be able to use the Assistant (or Alexa) to handle basic playback on your Sonos One or Beam. Essentially, you'll be able to pause, play and modify the volume but you won't be able to summon or request specific songs or artists unless you're connected to an streaming platform that plays nice with your assistant of choice.

Still, the arrival of the Google Assistant looks set to make the Sonos One the product it should have been at launch and, if you've been holding off on buying one until now, that's great news. You can pick up the Sonos One through Sonos' own online storefront or Amazon.