How to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription in Australia

If your time with Amazon Prime has run its course and you’re looking to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, the process to do so is a relatively painless one. 

Maybe you’ve run out of original content to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Maybe you’ve decided you’re not ordering enough on Amazon for the free shipping perks to be worth it. It’s fine. Really. We’re not gonna judge. Either way, you’ve made it to this article and we're gonna help you slice that $6.99/month subscription off your monthly bills.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to cancelling your Amazon Prime membership in Australia.

Step 1. Go to your account

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Assuming you’re already on the Amazon Australia homepage, your journey to cancelling your Prime membership begins with a single click. More specifically, a click on the Accounts & Lists button. This should be located towards the left end of the navigation bar on the Amazon website.

Step 2. Navigate to your Prime settings

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Once you’re on your account page, click the dedicated Prime button. 

This will take you to a page that breaks down all your active Prime benefits including stuff like free expedited domestic shipping and Amazon Prime Video.

Step 3. End Membership and Benefits 

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The next step to cancel your Amazon Australia Prime membership is to click the “End Membership and Benefits” option on the menu located towards the left edge of the page. It should be located right underneath your Payment History.

If you're cancelling your free trial, just click End Trial and Benefits on the left-hand side of the page. Note: If you select this option you will still get benefits until your free trail period ends, after which time your membership will be cancelled and your payment card won't be charged. 

Step 4. Bargaining

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As you might expect, Amazon isn’t keen to let you cancel your subscription without a fight. 

After you press the End Membership and Benefits button, you’ll be taken to a page that breaks down how much you’ve saved in delivery fees since becoming a Prime member and asked to confirm your decision to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription.

Step 5. Consider going annual

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As a final hail Mary before letting you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, Amazon will offer to convert your monthly membership to an annual one. Doing so shaves about AU$24 off the regular cost of a 12-month Amazon Prime subscription. 

Compared to what you’d end up paying for a year of Amazon Prime month-to-month, switching to paying annually for Amazon Prime is almost certainly going to save you money. 

Of course, whether or not those savings are enough to give you pause when it comes to cancelling your Amazon Prime subscription is ultimately going to depend on the reasons you’re looking to cancel in the first place.

Step 6. So, you’ve decided to cancel your Amazon Prime membership

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If this last minute offer sways you, feel free to take them up on your offer. If you’re still committed to cancelling, hit the end membership button located in the center of the page. Doing so will take you to the final confirmation page you need to traverse in your journey towards cancelling your Amazon Prime membership. 

This page will inform you of the date at which your Prime Membership will expire. Cancelling your Amazon Prime subscription won’t lock you out of services like Prime Video immediately. As with most subscription services of this sort, you’ll still be able to make use of them up until the marked date. 

To confirm your decision and cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, all you have to do is click on the “End on” button on this page. 

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On a side note: Setting a renewal reminder

If you have decided not to cancel your Amazon Prime membership but you're unsure if you'd like to continue it down the track, you can set a reminder before you renew your next payment. To set this reminder select Remind me before renewing in "Next Payment," which you can find in Your Account, under "Manage Prime membership." Your renewal will now be set. A reminder can't be set if your renewal date is in three days time. 

There you go. You've done it. You're free. Your Amazon Prime membership has now been cancelled.