Cheap mobile plans

These are our picks for the best cheap SIM-only and prepaid plans, ordered by highest data first.

How much data should I get?

Everybody consumes data differently. It is important to have enough data but it is also just as important to not be paying for data you don’t need. 

If you are really trying to keep it cheap, a couple data saving tips are to make sure that your apps aren’t using data in the background and turn off the capability on your phone that has you use data when Wi-Fi signals drop out.

With most video streaming services like Netflix and Stan now offering offline watching, massive amounts of data aren’t really necessary. The same goes for music listening services like Spotify and SoundCloud. The offline listening function has really made it easier for people to scale back their data consumption when necessary. 

Unless you are spending a frankly unhealthy amount of time on social media, you should be able to get by with minimal (between 1 and 5GB) data.

Cheap mobile plans under $30

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Cheap mobile plans under $20

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Cheap mobile plans under $10

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How did we decide?

Our selections were made by looking at the cheapest plans within each price bracket with the highest data, steering you in the direction with the best value for money spent. Basically, we were looking to find the most amount of data for the lowest cost - rather than working out the best rate of dollars-per-gigabyte.

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