The fastest NBN plans according to the ACCC

These are the fastest unlimited data NBN plans from the providers covered in the ACCC's Measuring Broadband Report.

In 2017, the ACCC launched a series of quarterly reports called Measuring Broadband Australia. These reports were introduced to encourage competition between providers and increase transparency, so that consumers are able to make informed decisions when purchasing internet plans. 

The ACCC’s reports measure and compare speeds achieved by each ISP and give a holistic view of the customer experience with each provider.

The latest report, released August 2019, found that the average download performance for users on NBN connections has improved marginally since February, from 85.4% to 85.6%. It also found that evening speeds have decreased from 84.7% in February to 84.4% in August. 

Out of the 1095 NBN providers that were tested for this report, 12.4% were found to be underperforming. 

You can read the full report here but if you just want to find out what the fastest NBN plans are according to the ACCC, scroll down to the widgets below:

NBN 50 plans

NBN 100 plans

Why didn’t we include NBN 12 and NBN 25 plans?

At the end of the day, NBN 12 and NBN 25 just don't cut it when it comes to supporting everyday internet usage. Quite often it is the case that people complaining about their NBN actually haven't done the research into connection speeds and accidentally gone with NBN 12 or NBN 25. In addition, not all of the providers covered in the report have an NBN 100 plan. For example, Telstra does but they only sells it as a speed test - so it wouldn't be a particularly fair comparison.

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