Dyson launch a new, more selfish, air-purifier

Dyson have unveiled their first personal purifying fan, which is designed to give you (yes, you!) and only you access to cooler, cleaner air.

Available in Australia from the 6th of September the Dyson Pure Cool Me is essentially a more compact take on the existing Dyson Pure Cool purifier.

Like that product, the new Dyson Pure Cool Me captures and filters out pollutants in the air and then propels a stream of cleaner air outwards at whatever it happens to be pointing at. With only 70-degrees of oscillation, it's not the kind of thing you set up and leave to purify an entire room's worth of air but it is something you can use to ensure that you're getting a better level of air purity.

Paul Dawson, Vice President of Health and Beauty, says that‘ ‘At Dyson, one of our guiding principles when we build new machines is that we solve real problems, for real people, in real homes." 

"Harnessing our knowledge of science and technology, we challenge ourselves to invent things in a different and better way. The Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan is engineered for your personal space, allowing you to take control of your own air quality and thermal comfort."

Interestingly, the Dyson Pure Cool Me isn't actually integrated with any sort of smart app. There's an environmentally sensitive LCD display and magnetically attached remote that are used to control the unit instead. This will make it easier to set up and use but probably slightly more difficult to integrate into a smart home ecosystem.

It's also limited to cold air. Unlike the more-expensive Hot+Cold air purifier that Dyson sell, there's no winter-appropriate mode. The Dyson Pure Cool Me can only expel cold air.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me will be available in Australia through Dyson.com.au and major electrical retailers and department stores from September 6th at an RRP of AU$499.

Filter replacements cost another $99. Dyson told us that a single filter should last even heavy users about 12-months.