Samsung's first MicroLED TV creeps closer to the mainstream

Samsung have launched their first MicroLED display at this year's Integrate Expo in Melbourne.

Previously exhibited at tradeshows like CES, Samsung are touting their MicroLED-powered "Wall" as a sign of things to come. They're one of the only major TV manufacturer that's still relying on LED over OLED and they've been positioning MicroLED as their alternative. For a better explanation of MicroLED, check out our guide here.

Samsung started selling a 146-inch consumer-grade version of The Wall to US consumers earlier this year but has remained quiet about when or if it'll let Australian consumers in on the action. As of this year's Integrate Expo, they're finally doing that - even if it's only available to their digital signage business customers.

According to Phil Gaut, Director of Display and Memory Samsung Australia, the company "has been at the forefront of the evolution of professional signage and has led the display market for ten consecutive years in terms of market share."

"The launch of The Wall in Australia is a major development for what we are able to provide our customers and partners. It is technology people need to see to believe."  

Gaut says that “with its innovative design and unique features, The Wall Luxury offers a display solution that is free from traditional restrictions of size and space. With perfect black and pure colours, users will experience the magnitude of The Wall’s picture quality, while its radiant design is a perfect fit for any luxury space enhancing the environment’s beauty, sophistication and elegance."

Our Take: Samsung has always been pretty up-front about wanting to sell MicroLED solutions to their digital signage customers but the fact that they're actively shopping The Wall around at Australian tradeshows suggests that a locally available consumer-model might still be on the cards somewhere down the line. Fingers crossed.

Samsung's The Wall Luxury is now available in Australia. Expressions of interest can be sent to Samsung Australia.