LG's first 8K TV isn't OLED but it is ready for next-gen gaming

LG's first 8K TV goes on sale in Australia this week.

The bad news? LG's first 8K TV isn't the Z9 OLED the company showed off at this year's CES. Like the rollable OLED-R, it's still missing in action when it comes to Australian availability.

The good news is that - out of all the options currently available to Australians - LG 8K Smart UHD NanoCell TV might actually be the most-affordable 8K TV out there. At least, if you're looking at it from a dollars-to-inches perspective. 

Available in just a single 75-inch size, the LG Nano retails for approximately AU$11,849.

Now, that's hardly cheap but LG are promising to offer just as much in terms of capability as their best 2019 OLEDs. Powered by the same second-generation a9 processor, 8K Smart UHD NanoCell TV uses 4-step upscaling and machine learning to enhance both the audio and picture quality of content - which is pretty important, since there's not really any 8K content sources out there.

In line with the rest of their 2019 OLED range, the 8K Smart UHD NanoCell TV runs on LG's WebOS smart TV platform and supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Out of the box, it'll also be able to integrate with Google Assistant. LG say that Amazon Alexa and Siri / AirPlay will be added via a software update down the line.

8K Smart UHD NanoCell TV also comes equipped with a full suite of HDMI 2.1 ports, which is a nice little bit of future proofing.

According to Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing at LG Electronics Australia, "at LG, we seek to provide Australians with technology that takes advantage of content sources now and in the future, such as 8K gaming consoles expected in 2020."

“We have entered an exciting era with the launch of our first 8K TV with LG NanoCell technology and are thrilled to equip Australian homes with future-focused technology. We also look forward to providing Australians with the ultimate screen resolution of 8K and the ultimate TV technology of OLED TV very soon.”

The LG NanoCell 8K is available in Australia now at a recommended retail price of AU$11,849.