Australians will have to wait until next time for a 5G Fold

The 5G-enabled version of Samsung's first foldable phone won't be coming to Australia.

If you're keen to drop down the cash and nab yourself the world's first mainstream foldable phone, you're going to have to make do with 4G connectivity. Samsung have told us that Australians won't have the option of choosing between the 5G and 4G Galaxy Fold, they'll just have to make do with the latter.

There's no specific reason that's been given as for why the Fold 5G won't be ranged in Australia but, given the unknown-but-certainly-high price-tag involved, you have to suspect that might be a factor here. You can check out our hands-on look at the Galaxy Fold here.

Then again, this particular product was always going to be luxury item with a sky-high asking price, you wonder why they didn't just double down and make it as good as ought be. That's basically what Huawei have done with the Mate X. Still, there's a good chance that the second-gen Fold will probably just ship with 5G connectivity as standard.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched in Australia sometime in the future but Samsung haven't yet announced a a firm release date or pricing strategy for the device.