Leaked video confirms everything you already knew about the Google Pixel 4

Google's forthcoming Pixel 4

Google's forthcoming Pixel 4

A leaked promotional video for the Google Pixel 4 has confirmed pretty much every rumor out there about the device.

The video itself was initially reported on by Spanish site ProAndroid and it showcases some of the new features that the Pixel 4 will bring with it. It also confirms improvements to the device's camera and Assistant capabilities and gives us our first look at how the Pixel 4's Project Soli gesture controls will work. 

It's not clear how many of these improvements will come to older Pixel devices but Google do have a strong track record when it comes to updating older devices so that they can take advantage of new features like Night Sight.

This new leak follows on rumors last week that the camera on the Pixel 4 would feature 8x optical zoom, new improvements to night sight that allow for astrophotography and a "motion mode" designed to make shooting moving objects like 

You can watch it for yourself below:

Google have yet to announce an official launch date for the Google Pixel 4 but we expect some news in early October.