How to edit HD and 4K videos easily; for both beginners and pros

Technology moves fast. In just a few years, the standard for high resolution video has gone from 1080p to 4K. Adoption has been just as rapid and some smartphones already record video at the new standard. Read more about 4K resolution, and why it’s such a big deal.

While the resulting video looks fabulous, files are growing exponentially. A 60-second HD (720p) video is 90MB. The same video in 1080p is 128MB, but at 4K it jumps to 350MB. While that doesn’t sound too bad, imagine shooting a 90-minute event video: the resulting files sizes would be 8.1GB, 11.52GB, and 31.5GB, respectively.

Alternatively, as a keen videographer, you capture 90 minutes of video per week. Over the course of a year, that’s 421.2GB of data to store if shooting in HD; and it’s 1.6TB in 4K resolution.

Suddenly, storage and archiving starts to look like a costly proposition. Yes, storage is cheaper now than ever before – a 1TB storage drive costs under $100. That still becomes somewhat more expensive if the user requires three or four such devices a year.

To find out how much data you are creating with your video recording devices, visit this handy video size calculator.

There are solutions to the problem though: one of which is VideoProc, self-contained video editing and processing software that allows users to greatly reduce the file size of 1080p and 4K resolution video, without a degradation of quality.

Why edit large HD/4K videos with VideoProc

VideoProc has been designed with full hardware acceleration to work with 1080p HD and 4K video footage from smartphones, action cameras, drones, digital cameras, monitor units, PCs and tablets. As such, the company behind the application, Digiarty, has seen two clear trends with consumers: people need to get their file sizes under control, and they want easy-to-use editing software to do it.

Digiarty recently surveyed more than 3000 VideoProc users and found compression tools were the third-most valuable feature (16.44 per cent) of the software, after its simple video editing features (36.15 per cent), and the ability to adjust the playback speed and volume of footage (24.6 per cent).

In response to another survey question, 34.99 per cent of users said VideoProc’s ability to handle very large videos without crashing their PC was a key benefit.

And the number of videographers is increasing. People are sharing videos on YouTube and a variety of social media outlets as action cameras such as the GoPro become quite ubiquitous with adventurers, travelers and daily videographers alike. Of course, most of those users also want to edit their videos before sharing them.

As a result, video editing solutions are in hot demand, however, some of them are pitched at advanced users. The complexity of such professional editing suites can put people off editing and sharing their videos.

In addition to the assistance that VideoProc offers with managing and editing large files like 4K video, there are a number of other key features, including:

Hardware acceleration: VideoProc features full hardware acceleration, allowing for video transcoding and processing up to 47x faster than other solutions – it’s near-on real-time fast.

Editing and processing: Every basic editing feature a user could ask for, including cutting, merging and cropping of content. Users can also add subtitles and effects to further jazz up their videos.

Output options: Users will be able to output in whatever format makes sense to them. VideoProc supports 4K, AVI, DivX, F4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, MKV, and dozens of other output options (for the full list of output formats,visit

A full suite of toolbox features: In addition to the editing tools, VideoProc can stabilize video shot on shaky cameras (GoPro and iPhone, for example), and users can add watermarks, make videos into GIFs for social media sharing, reduce background or wind noise so the audience will focus on the subject of the video, and correct any Fisheye that might have occurred in recording.

In short, VideoProc meets the demands of many daily users of video by a simple-to-use editing solution and the ability to compress large/4K file sizes. For more information, visit the official VideoProc website