Microsoft get back in the mobile space with the Surface Duo

Why settle for announcing one dual-screen Surface when you could announce two.

Announced following the reveal of the Surface Neo, Microsoft has announced their first consumer smartphone in years: the Surface Duo.

Pitched as a fusion of the best of Microsoft and the best of Android, the Surface Duo is built around a miniaturized version of the dual-screen design found in the Surface Neo. It's not quite a foldable but it's a certainly an eye-catching look nevertheless. It feature two 5.6-inch displays that the software powering the device can treat as if it was a single 8.3-inch screen.

Microsoft say they'll be working with developers ahead of the Duo's launch and it sounds like they'll be bringing a lot of the app continuity tech developed for the Neo forward into the new Android-based product. They're also doing everything they can do avoid calling it a phone.

During the press conference that announced the product, Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay framed it as a new Surface product.

Even less is known about the internal specs for the Surface Duo than the similarly mysterious Surface Neo. We don't know how much RAM it'll have. We don't know how much storage you'll get or whether it'll support expansion via Micro SD card. Wired have reported that it will run on the Snapdragon 855 processor but that's about it.

Still, with a 2020 holiday-season release date, there's plenty of time to learn more about Microsoft's long-awaited and first Surface phone.

Australian pricing and availability for the Surface Duo is to be announced.