Netflix raises prices on Australian consumers

Netflix has raised the price of its Premium subscription tier for Australian customers.

In Australia, a month's worth of access to the highest tier in Netflix's range of subscription plans will now cost you AU$19.99 - a few dollars up from the previous AU$17.99.

Those already signed up on the highest Netflix tier will still pay the previous AU$17.99/month price for the duration of their current month. For these big spenders, the new pricing won't kick until afterwards. Unfortunately, new Netflix subscribers and those looking to upgrade will have to pay the higher rate from today onwards.

Pricing aside, there are no major changes to what the Premium tier gets you. It still gives you the ability to stream UHD (4K) content and for four people to watch using the same subscription at once.

The move comes a few months after a similar price-hike in the United States.

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