Best Tablet Accessories: Keyboards & Kickstands

As much as typing on a tablet has improved over the last five years, it’s hard to beat the solid experience of typing on a keyboard. If you’re looking to get some serious work done on your shiny new Tab S6, iPad Pro or Surface Pro, you’re going to want to invest in something a little more advanced than a flimsy add-on.

Here are our picks for the best tablet accessories you can buy in 2019:

Best Tablet Keyboards

Logitech K480 

Credit: Logitech

Logitech’s K480 is basically a more compact, phone-and-tablet-friendly version of its popular Craft keyboard. The built-quality and design here is very similar - which is far from a bad thing. We loved the original Craft back when we reviewed it and we’re into the more portable incarnation of Logitech’s design ethos found here.  

The main difference here is that, owing to the tenkeyless design, the K480 is a little bit more compact. It’s super easy to throw this thing in a backpack. It’s not particularly heavy but it’s robust enough that we weren’t worried about it being scratched or damaged in transit.

The Logitech K480 also features a small nook above the function keys that allows you to easily stand your phone or tablet screen upright and use it like a faux laptop. In action, this feature isn’t quite as good as a proper kickstand but it’s a definite step-up over nothing at all. It brings a little bit of extra support but little in the way of flexibility. 

In Australia, the Logitech K480 can be had for an RRP of AU$79. You can buy it on Amazon here

Logitech K780

Credit: Logitech

If the Logitech K580 is a little too compact for your liking, the K780 is a natural step-up. Featuring a numpad, it’s a little closer to a traditional desktop keyboard - which, if you’re a tablet power user, might be exactly what you’re after.

It builds on the small tablet and phone dock found in in the K580 by stretching the feature out across the length of the entire keyboard. This cradle can hold anything from a small Pixel 3a to a large 12-inch iPad Pro. Since the keyboard itself is a little larger, the K780 weighs more - which makes it a pretty sturdy dock for even larger tablet like the iPad Pro.

In Australia, the Logitech K780 can be had for an RRP of AU$99. You can buy it on Amazon here

Best iPad Pro Keyboards

Apple Smart Keyboard

Credit: Apple

As far as iPad Keyboards that double as kickstands, it’s hard to look past Apple’s own Smart Keyboard Folio. Featuring hard plastic on the outside and softer cloth-like felt on the inside, Apple’s flagship accessory for the iPad clicks onto the back of the tablet with a magnetic snap. 

Compared to the other options, the Apple Smart Keyboard is a relatively expensive way to go but it provides plenty of protection (the keyboard itself is spill, water and stain resistant), doesn’t infringe on the portability of your tablet all that much and gives you a lot (though not all) of the keypress depth you’d want out of a traditional laptop keyboard. 

In Australia, the Apple Smart Keyboard can be had for an RRP of AU$99. You can buy it through Apple

Brydge Pro

Credit: Brydge

If you’re looking to turn your iPad into something more Macbook-like, it’s hard to look past Brydge’s latest. Designed to be used with Apple’s latest 11-inch and 12.6-inch iPads, the Brydge Pro let you enhance your tablet typing experience with the addition of a sturdy aluminum body and easily adjustable backlighting.

If Apple’s own smart keyboard doesn’t quite cut it, the Brydge Pro is the obvious next step.

In Australia, Brydge’s Pro keyboards start at AU$249. You can grab them through Amazon or the Brydge website

Best Tablet Kickstands


Credit: MOFT

The MOFT X is the best stick-on kickstand we’ve ever encountered. It’s 5mm thin and even has space for credit cards in the back of it. The material is soft to the touch but held in place by magnets. Even when pushed against, it’s surprisingly sturdy. 

The setup involved here isn’t that different to the application of most screen protectors. You peel and stick a transparent square on the back of your phone. Then, you peel a layer off the back of the MOFT X and mash the two together. The MOFT X has been designed with flexibility in mind, so you can also use it vertically or horizontally.

You can grab the MOFT X for US $24.99 through the MOFT website now. There’s also a smaller version of the MOFT X that’s sized for smartphones and ideal for the Nintendo Switch. You can find it here.

Best Tablet Mice

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

Credit: Microsoft

Although it's designed to be used with Microsoft's Surface hardware, there's nothing stopping you from pairing up the ultra-portable Arc Mouse with an iPad or Android. In many ways, this thing might be one of the best tablet mice out there. It's striking in its minimalism and clever in its design.

The curved form-factor, long battery life and rubberized material here makes the Arc Mouse well-suited for fast and easy computing on the go.

You can buy the Microsoft Surface Arc mouse through Microsoft for an RRP of $119 here.

Logitech MX Master 3

Credit: Logitech

If you're after something a little more traditional, the Logitech MX Master 3 is probably your best bet.

The Logitech MX Master 3 is a high-precision wireless mouse with seven buttons, 70 hours of battery life and a toggle on the base that allows you to switch between up to three different Bluetooth frequencies at ease. The former make the MX Master 3 a good mouse for portable computing. However, it's the latter that adds the most value here - since it allows you to swap between using it with a tablet and a desktop in seconds.

In Australia, you can buy the Logitech MX Master 3 for an RRP of $149. You can buy it on Amazon here.