Best Black Friday Lenovo deals



We trawled Lenovo's Black Friday sales to find the best deals. Here's our round-up.

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  • The biggest and boldest discount you'll find on Lenovo's online storefront this Black Friday is probably going to be the ThinkPad E595. A 15-inch laptop designed for SMBs, it's being discounted by up to 50% - reducing the price from the usual $1449 to $796. Buy it here.
  • If you're keen to save a few bucks on a classic ThinkPad, now is probably the perfect time to do just that with the ThinkPad E14. Discounted by up to 40% (depending on spec),  the E14 can be had for as little as $1199 - which is a pretty deep cut on the usual $1999. Buy it here.
  • If you're after a gaming laptop with plenty of performance power, a slim design and a cheap price-tag, it's gonna be hard to beat the Lenovo L340. Rather than the usual $1499, the L340 has been discounted down to as little as $1079 - depending on which spec-configuration you opt for. Regardless, with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 and 9th Gen Intel processor inside it, it's more than just capable. It's competitive. Buy it here.
  • Gamers can also nab themselves a Legion Y530 gaming laptop for $1189 instead of the
  • usual $1699. The specs inside this thing aren't monstrous but they're more than good enough for popular online games like Overwatch, League of Legends and Fortnite. Buy it here.
Credit: Lenovo

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