ASUS gamble on a new gaming mouse with a built-in joystick

ASUS' latest accessory takes the concept of a gaming mouse in a new direction.

The new ROG Chakram features a stubby joystick where you'd ordinarily find a set of programmable buttons. To use, it felt pretty similar to the nub on the Playstation Vita. If you don't like it, it's also removable.

Of course, the Chakram is more than just a gimmick. 

Under the hood, it rocks a set of Omron D2FC switches and a 16K DPI sensor. It also supports what ASUS are calling "tri-mode" connectivity - meaning it can be used via a USB cable, via 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth. The Chakram also touts 400IPS tracking speed and 40G acceleration. 

Credit: Fergus Halliday

All up, the ROG Chakram weighs 121 grams. That's not quite the lightest gaming mouse in the world but its certainly leaning in the right direction. Likewise and when used wirelessly, you'll get 79 hours of gaming out of the Chakram. Opt for Bluetooth and you'll boost that number up to 101 hours. 

The gaming mouse also supports fast and wireless charging via Qi. Charge it for 15 minutes and you'll walk away with 12 hours of usage.

At the time of writing, ASUS have yet to confirm whether they'll be bringing the ROG Chakram to the Australian market nor how much it'll likely cost. 

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Credit: Fergus Halliday