EA respawns Apex Legends with new Octane Edition

EA are adding another option to the menu for those looking to pick up their free-to-play battle royale game with a side serving of extra content.

Launched alongside the game's latest season of content, the new Apex Legends: Octane Edition is available on  PlayStation 4Xbox One and Origin on PC digitally from today. EA say the new bundle will also be available at select retail stores sometime in the near future. 

Themed around the titular character, Apex Legends: Octane Edition includes the following bonuses:

  • A Legendary Octane skin
  • A Legendary Charge Rifle skin
  • A unique Gun charm
  • A unique Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Interestingly, the bundle doesn't actually appear to include the Octane character. You'll have to buy that using the included Apex Coins or spend more to actually make use of the cosmetics you're getting here.

The new edition also doesn't replace the previous Bloodhound or Lifeline editions but rather acts as an alternative for them. These editions sit at the same price-point but trade out the Octane-centric unlocks for something a little better-suited to their own namesakes.

Apex Legends: Octane Edition is available from today via the PlayStation Store for AU$30.95, on Origin for AU$29.95 and in the Microsoft Store for AU$29.95.