Be Quiet!'s Pure Base 500 case offers more than just silent computing

You have the option to show off your build, too.
  • Alaina Yee (PC World (US online))
  • 27 February, 2020 02:00

Several years ago, German manufacturer Be Quiet!—known for components that make minimal noise—turned its attention to cases. As with its other product lines, the company focused on maintaining a peaceful silence at your desk.

Late last fall, Be Quiet! released its Pure Base 500, a mid-tower that prioritizes sound-dampening while also making concessions for air flow and showing off a build. Two variants of the case exist, one with a solid side panel and the other with tempered glass, with each variant coming in three different colors. Pricing starts at $75 for the black solid panel tower and stretches up to $90 for metallic gray and white with a tempered glass side panel.

As you can see in the video above, the interior of the case reveals a few standout features. The Pure Base 500 offers more room than other compact mid-towers, with a slightly wider frame that supports CPU coolers up to 195mm in height. It also accommodates 140mm fans throughout the case, including at the back, and comes with two options for top covers. One is lined with sound-muffling material, while the other is made of mesh.

Be Quiet! says the Pure Base 500 should comfortably accommodate water cooling, and that particular care has been taken to match the paint color of the interior and exterior of the tower. The company also plans to follow up with an air-flow spinoff of this case, the Pure Base 500! DX, which was announced at CES 2020 in January.