Vodafone's 5G network is now live in Parramatta

Vodafone's 5G network has gotten a limited launch for Western Sydney customers.

Hot off the back of a previous promise to launch their first 5G sites within weeks, Vodafone has done exactly that. As of this week, existing customers with 5G handsets will be able to connect to the telco's emerging  network at several sites around Parramatta.

Vodafone Chief Executive Officer Iñaki Berroeta says that “this is an exciting occasion for us as a business and for our customers – we have worked tirelessly to put our customers at the heart of our 5G plans and we are proud to switch on our first live sites today in Parramatta.”

Unlike Telstra, who plan to begin charging for 5G from May, Vodafone's 5G service will come at no additional cost to customers. 

According to Berroeta, “When 5G arrives to our customers with 5G devices, they will get 5G network access at no extra charge."

“Throughout 2020 our customers will see us deliver 5G coverage to more areas; with more 5G devices to choose from; while delivering the great value that Vodafone is known for. We have more than 650 5G sites in planning, with thousands more on our roadmap over coming years."   

At this stage, the only 5G devices Vodafone are offering are those in Samsung's latest range of Galaxy S20 smartphones. You can check out the widget breaking down the best plans for the Galaxy S20 5G:

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