Best Australian EOFY 2021 Smartphone Deals

Tax time deals on smartphones


The end of the Australian financial year is often a great time to pick up a new smartphone. Whether you’re looking for a Samsung handset with a smooth OLED display or an Oppo with a nifty camera, plenty of brands attempt to use Australian EOFY to clear out older or aging stock at discounted prices.

Here are our picks for the best Australian EOFY Smartphone Deals we’ve seen so far:

How long do Australian EOFY deals usually last?

Australian businesses and accountants mark the end of their financial year on the 30th of June with the new financial year beginning the following day.

Typically, retailers and other outlets looking to capitalise on the occasion to move excess stock will announce deals in the weeks before that date with most promotions set to expire when the new financial year begins.

Why are there so many EOFY sales?

The simple version: since most businesses prefer to start their financial year with as little excess stock as possible, it's common for them to discount products in the period ahead of the EOFY in order to try and improve their chances of selling out before then.

This annualized dynamic often leaves savvy consumers poised to take advantage of great deals. So long as stocks last, anyway. If you see a tantalising EOFY deal, it's usually better to move on it sooner rather than later.

Credit: Huawei

How do EOFY sales compare to other seasonal sales events like Black Friday or Boxing Day?

It really depends what you're looking for or expecting to find within the many EOFY sales that'll be running through June.

Some sales events later in the year such as Amazon's Prime Day tend to be better if you're looking for smaller gadgets like headphones. Waiting until later in the year also opens the door for more recent products to be discounted.

However, if you're looking to nab a big-ticket item like a new TV or laptop, the EOFY sales period tends to be pretty compelling. Especially if you don't mind the tech in question being a little bit older.

What other Australian EOFY deals are happening?

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