Deal: Telstra throw in the 'free' pair of AirPods that Apple won't



We haven't yet reached the point where true wireless earbuds like the AirPods are as ubiquitous as old-school wired earbuds are but squinting at Telstra's latest promotion lets you get a little closer to that ideal.

If you sign up for an iPhone11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max on a Medium (or higher) Telstra plan before September 6th, the telco will throw in 70,000 Telstra Points - which can then be redeemed for a shiny new pair of AirPods through the Telstra Plus Reward Store.

These are the standard AirPods, so don't come with the noise-cancellation found in the pricey AirPods Pro but they do still integrate neatly with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. When it comes to battery life, you're looking at around 3.5 hours of usage on a single charge and 24-hours overall.

You don't necessarily have to spend the aforementioned Telstra Points on a set of AirPods but, if you do, it makes for a neat one-two-punch bundle that makes up somewhat for the lack of a headphone jack on Apple's latest hardware.

This deal lasts until the 6th of September. Check out the widgets below for a round-up of eligible Telstra plans:

Telstra iPhone 11 (64GB) plans

Telstra iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) plans

Telstra iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB) plans