Safe space for seniors

All-in-one wearable 4G smartphone, watch and GPS device incorporates two innovations that work in tandem

In October 2017, MGM Wireless launched SPACETALK, an all-in-one smartwatch, phone and GPS tracker for children aged between five and 12. It proved to be as good in reality as it was in concept.

Now the listed ASX technology company and leading school services provider has  launched a senior’s version, SPACETALK Life and, on paper, it is equally as outstanding.

MGM claims that in a world first the all-in-one wearable 4G smartphone, watch and GPS device incorporates two innovations that work in tandem. 

The first is “safety call back”, which initiates a return call when a senior is unable to answer due to a fall, or other mishap. Safety call back enables an approved contact to use an app to initiate a voice call from the device to check on a senior’s well being. The device alerts the wearer that a call is about to be made with the option to cancel the call. Otherwise, a connection is made and the safety of the wearer can be established.

The second innovation is “location by request” to deal with emergencies. This enables approved contacts to instantly track and pinpoint their senior. If the wearer wishes to retain privacy, a request can be rejected from the device. Wearers have ultimate control over who can see their location.

Other SPACETALK Life features include an SOS button, medication reminders and Bluetooth pairing to hearing assistive devices and car audio.

The water and dust resistant smartphone-watch also incorporates SMS, step counter, weather reports and advanced battery performance.

Credit: MGM Wireless

MGM Wireless founder and chief, Mark Fortunatow, says: “Our objective was to create a practical, useful, reliable and secure smartphone-watch for senior citizens. But we were also committed to building a beautiful looking timepiece that seniors would be proud to wear. A strong, scratch-resistant gorilla glass face forms part of a smart traditional display.

“SPACETALK Life is also a security device and a more fashionable solution to an SOS neck pendant that seniors find embarrassing to wear. We invested heavily in style because, along with useful features and functions, it creates a point of difference.

“We believed wearing a smartphone-watch was far more convenient and prevented the frustration most of us experience in trying to find our mobile phones.

“We also wanted our device to address the needs of a broad audience given the health and lifestyles of senior Australians varied greatly.

“Our device caters for those with significant health issues to others playing golf in their 60s and beyond. We designed SPACETALK Life to change the lives of seniors for the better. 

“We also ensured our device meets the highest legal standards of safety, cyber security, reliability and privacy. No expense was spared.”

SPACETALK Life is controlled by an enhanced version of the company’s AllMyTribe App ecosystem, which is operated by the wearer, family member or carer. 

The device was designed to reduce pressure on aged care services, while still providing seniors with a sense of safety and independence. 

It is particularly useful for families looking to care for their ageing parents, enabling several family members to share the caring responsibility through the AllMyTribe App.

A wearer can overcome loneliness or isolation in this COVID-19 world, as the device offers a wide range of practical communication features. 

The Australian Government spent $19.9 billion in 2018/19 providing aged care to more than 1.3 million people. Most received home based care and support.

The rapidly ageing global population of 60 years and older is forecast to increase from 900 million in 2015 to 1.14 billion people in 2030.

The new device builds on the success of the SPACETALK smartphone, watch and GPS device. After its launch, sales of the smartphones soared online and were boosted by major retail chains, such as JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Officeworks and, more recently, Vodafone, selling it in physical stores and via their websites. Its popularity spread rapidly to New Zealand and the UK.

SPACETALK Life sells for $549 plus a $9.99 AllMyTribe App monthly subscription fee, and is available to order here.