Deal: Circles.Life introduce 20% discount for students

Circles.Life have cash-strapped students in their sights.

If you haven't heard of Circles.Life before, they launched into Australia back in 2019 month with a focus on the customer experience and a bespoke app that promised to become more feature rich over time.

Now, the company are knocking 20% off the monthly price of all three of their mobile plans. This means you can get the $38/month 100GB plan for $30, the 60GB for $22/month (rather than $28/month) and their 8GB plan for $14/month (instead of $18/month). You also get Circle's usual 3GB of bill shock protection data, which when factored in, brings the total amount of data here up.

This discount can be applied by using one of the promo codes below:

  • 100STUDENT gets you $8/month in savings on the 100GB plan
  • 60STUDENT gets you $6/month in savings on the 60GB plan
  • 8STUDENT gets you $4/month in savings on the 8GB plan

Again, the catch across all three of these deals is that you're only going to get the discounted rate for the first twelve months. After that, the pricing reverts to normal. Of course, since all three plans are no-contracts, you are free to leave at any time.

To take advantage of the deal or find more information about Circles.Life's options for students, click here.