GeForce Now heading for Australia

Pentanet set to bring cloud gaming to more gamers in 2021

Good news for gamers – GeForce is bringing its Now game streaming service to Australia later this year, joining Saudi Arabia and Turkey as the latest destinations to get on board. 

Perth telco, Pentanet, will be doing the heavy lifting. Founded by a group of avid gamers, Pentanet has built a fixed wireless network, delivering high-bandwidth internet services to the metropolitan area as well as fiber throughout Western Australia.

Australian gamers can look forward to PC gaming on nearly any device later this year.

Pentanet, Turkcell and Zain KSA are the latest telcos to join the GeForce NOW Alliance.

By placing NVIDIA RTX Servers on the edge, GeForce NOW Alliance partners deliver even lower latency gaming experiences. And this gives partners an opportunity to show the value of their broadband and 5G infrastructure to customers.

Telecoms service provider, Ericsson, recently published its 2020 mobility report, noting, “5G population coverage is estimated to reach 15 per cent, equivalent to over 1 billion people.”

And  DFC Intelligence reported there were now more than 3 billion video game consumers around the world.

Cloud gaming is at the intersection of these two trends.

GeForce Now is the world’s leading cloud-gaming platform for PC gamers, offering hundreds of games from NVIDIA’s own data centres in North America and Europe.

The service brings real-time ray tracing to underpowered PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Android and iOS devices.

It also offers an opportunity for the world’s leading telecommunications firms to deliver high-quality, low-latency PC gaming to nearly any device from the Cloud. These partners form the GeForce Now Alliance, a partnership of operators using RTX Servers and NVIDIA cloud-gaming software to expand and improve cloud gaming globally.

The newest GeForce NOW Alliance members join a growing group of telecommunications experts that includes Softbank, KDDI, LG Uplus, Taiwan Mobile and GFN.RU.

Bringing Cloud gaming to Turkey, in collaboration with its new gaming platform, Turkcell recently announced GeForce NOW Powered by Gameplus. Gamers who want to get a leg up can visit the GAME+ page to pre-register.

Zain KSA,a leading 5G telecom operator in Saudi Arabia, is nearing a formal launch of its GeForce NOW service. The launch will bring GeForce NOW into the country for the first time.